The Worst Computer Games Ever!

Computer games have evolved at a terrific pace in recent years. Many of today’s offerings feature near life-like game play on a multi-player level. However, it wasn’t always like that. Some previous games have been absolute stinkers. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what can only be described as some of the worst computer games ever along with the platforms that they featured on.

The Rushed Movie Tie In

Star Trek, released in 2013 was one such game that should adorn the list of electronic bloopers. Based upon the new movies it could have been a spectacular game, with a combination of Spock and Kirk; however, sadly this wasn’t the case. Digital Extremes were the software house concerned, and the game was co-published by the mighty Namco Bandai. The game failed to make the top 100 games of 2013 and critics labelled it a flop. The biggest issue was that players looked too similar and there were multiple errors in animation that saw objects bumping into each other. The game was launched on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows PC.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Definitely a case on one game too many, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was panned by critics and game players alike. The series moved to feature online gaming, which was a really bad move. In reality, the game play couldn’t keep up with the volume of players at any one time. Glitchy graphics and poor movement consigned this Activision game to the sin-bin. The game was released on the major gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 3 & 4, plus Xbox One & 360. Things got so bad for the game that it actually killed off the Tony Hawk series and the genre has never been seen again!

Big Rigs – Over the Road Racing

Released for Microsoft Windows back in 2003, Big Rigs Over the Road Racing was described by one critic as through the road racing. Sadly, the game lacked the ability of any form of collision detection. You didn’t need to worry about hitting your opponent, or indeed any local properties. The game was simply unplayable and scored a lowly 8 out of 100 on the metacritic video game scoring charts.

Rise of the Robots

A game players nightmare that was originally developed for the Amiga and PC. Sadly, this game should have stopped there, but it was ported to just about every other type of games machine at the time. The CGI was so limited that the robots couldn’t turn in any direction and the moves they made look like they were just spammed in front of you, repetitiveness doesn’t even come close. Software developer Mirage were the main culprit; however, Time Warner Interactive, Acclaim Entertainment and Absolute Entertainment were also culpable in releasing this disaster-zone of a game.


It’s hard to imagine such a poor game from such a great movie; however, the video game E.T. lives up to being one of the worst examples. Thankfully it was only the Atari 2600 console that had to put up with this terrible mess of a game. E.T. was one of the earliest games that we based upon a hit move. Really Activision shouldn’t have bothered as it nearly caused the death of the North American gaming industry.

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