The Timeline of Online Games

Playing video and arcade games was made much easier when you could do it online, and since the invention of online gaming in 1969 the industry has never looked back. A vast plethora of games are now available on the internet, and not only do they have spectacular graphics and speed, they are also available for multiple players.

This means you can play against people from all over the world from the comfort of your own home. But how did it all start? And what are the steeping stones of its growth? In this blog we hope to answer these two questions.


1969 was a significant year in the history of online gaming as the Department of Defense commissioned the Stanford Research Institute to do research on a network of nodes. And it was a researcher called Leonard Kleinrock who was the first person to send packets over the network.

1972 & 1973

The email program that was developed at Stanford was modified, and ARPANET becomes popular, also @ is first used to signify a string address. The first copies of Dungeons and Dragons became available in 1973 in typewritten format.

And the game called Adventure became available in FORTRAN on the PDP-1 machine. This game a few years later was to become the first popular and widely used game on computers.

1974 – 1977

ARPANET becomes commercial as Telenet produces the first public package. In 1976 Apple Computer was formed, and in 1977 Radio Shack releases the TRS-80. The same year a bunch of students got together and wrote Zork and although it was only a single player game it became popular on ARPANET.

1983 -1985

Lisa is invented by Apple, it was the first computer that had a graphical interface but bombed as a commercial idea. And it was not until 1984 the Mac OS 1.0 transformed the computer so it could be used at home. This year Islands of Kesmai is released on a network.1985 was a big year in development, Symbolics becomes the first domain to be registered and Microsoft Windows is released. Also, this year a multiplayer game called Habitat was brought on the net by Lucasfilm.


1991 was the year that changed the world, Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web, which of course allows all manner of data to be included in digital packages such as, pictures, words, and hyperlinks which all can be formatted so that they can make their own pages rather like a Word Document.

The same year the game Neverwinter Nights becomes the first online game, it was loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons and was created by Stormfront Studios.

Since 1991 both developments of the internet and online games has been incredible. Gamers now have instant access to remarkably sophisticated games from anywhere in the world. It has brought together a worldwide society of online gamers that can form long lasting friendships and swap information about their culture and country that they live in.

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