The Best Educational Online Games

Online games can be a terrific boon for education, and there are many faculties and teachers that are taking advantage of what is currently available on the internet to help their teaching methods. Being available 24 hours a day and with access for students from all over the world, online games can aid education like never before.

Fun games have been created to keep student’s attention whilst educating them. If you think back to school you will probably remember that the best teachers were the most entertaining, as they held your attention whilst imparting knowledge. By being engaged in class, and involved in the whole teaching process, students learn quicker and retain their knowledge. We take this opportunity to look at some of the best educational type games that are currently available online.

The Blood Typing Game

The Nobel Prize websites have come up with this brilliant prize-winning game. It allows students to be a part of the medical profession and learn about patient conditions, treatments for ailments and as the name suggests, blood types. The player is engaged in a mission-based game and can have two settings for long or quick play.

Play My Code

For students who want to learn programming, perhaps even to be future game designers Play My Code could be the answer. This game makes coding terrific fun, it employs user-friendly types of coding to introduce learners to key ideas and concepts. Players are encouraged to create their own game from scratch, so students see what coding is all about during the whole process. Sound, graphics and code can be stored online, so students can leave the game and come back another time.


Electrocity is for students of urban development and is a hands-on type management game. Players act like mayors and are in control over their own town or city. The purpose of this game is that students learn the value of proper urban planning and the social problems that can arise such as ecological, utility supply, urban development and spatial planning.

Peace Doves

A remarkable game that players have to deal with confrontation, be it global or domestic. It looks at the bigger picture concerning solving disputes and problems, and teaches skills for problem solving, negotiation, and arbitration. With an aim of teaching important concepts around peace-building and nuclear disarmament.

Wasteland Adventure

Currently a hot potato across the world, global warming and ecology is an important discussion topic for all nations. Wasteland Adventure approaches the subject of environmental issues very craftily, and players are encouraged to find ways to preserve natural resources that are key to mankind’s survival. It blatantly shows the students how man has destroyed the Ecosystem and now new ways to recycle are not an option but a necessity.

Educational online games are no longer in the Janet and John bracket, they are sophisticated and highly informative. The key element to these sort of games is that they import knowledge but are also great fun to play.

In a way these types of games answer back the critics that say, all online gaming is bad. But that is not their purpose, that is to give the opportunity to everybody in the world to have an education, and whilst doing so have some fun.

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