Positive Effects of Online Gaming

There has been much debate of the effects of online gaming to the player, much of this has been negative. There is no doubt as technology has taken pace in the field of computer gaming, playing online games is getting increasingly popular. And with the popularity of the games so widespread, many fads have also been formed by fans that play them. You can see the impact that these games and the fads have had in all walks of life, from TV to popular music and now even Hollywood.

New Lifestyles

The days are long gone when kids could play safely outside in the street, and although critics of computer games say that the children do not indulge themselves with outdoor pursuits anymore, parents certainly like to see their children safe in the home with their friends. There is no point living in the past, technology has changed all our lives, and if you were to take this argument to a logical comparison, then television must have been like Sodom and Gomorrah when it was first released.

All Games Are Not the Same

Saying that all videogames are evil and addictive and they destroy thought patterns is once again pure sensationalism. What is the difference between a youngster playing an actual Fisher Price game and a computerized version? Some online games have been specifically designed to educate about a certain subject or topic. To expand minds to different concepts and reinforce learning taught at schools.

Research on Violent Games

Research was undertaken on two groups of kids; two action games were involved with one game being far higher octane than the other. After thirty minutes of playing the kids were all given an MRI’s scan of their brains, of the kids that played the ultra-violent game it showed no effects, the other group showed the exact same readings. This categorically showed that playing all-action and sometimes violent video games did not alter the brain, it actually improved response times and reactions.

The Camaraderie of Video Games

All over the world children and adults love and seek solace from online gaming. They develop new friends and enjoy playing multiplayer games with children from different cultures and religions. Players encourage each other and give support to team members who are on the same task force as themselves. These are people who probably have never met and live on different continents, but have formed a bond together to confront problems and to find solutions.

The truth is some people have negative effects from playing video games, just like some drunks can cause an accident in a car. Does that mean that everybody who plays video games or drive a car are at risk?

There is far more good than bad in online gaming, perhaps some players have to be reined in a tad and not spend every waking hour in front of a monitor, but it was exactly the same thing in the past, trying to get the kids in the house from playing games outside.

The reality of it all is that the internet is never going to go away, games in some form or manner will always exist and people will play and enjoy them in their leisure time.

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