• Going Back in Time with Online Gaming

    1983 was a milestone of the video game, the Atari Shock hit the gaming industry. This was the largest recession that the video gaming industry had seen since its inception, and it lasted for two years. The revenues were at an all-time high in 1983 around $3.2 billion, then by 1985 this had fell to […]

  • Video Game Developers – Part 3

    In our earlier parts we covered some of the major names in video game production. Of course, there are literally hundreds of games software developers, so our list will continue. Read part 3 of 4 to find out more about some of the biggest and best software houses, their stories and of course their top […]

  • Online Multiplayer Games

    As far as multiplayer online games are concerned, shooting games are among the most popular. These are games where a team or one player has control over one or a number of weapons and battles against different types of adversaries. Normally played with a mouse, online shooting games are great for testing reaction times and […]

  • How Gaming Evolved Through the Internet

    Over the past decade the face of playing video games has been transformed, and in the most because of the Internet. Players no longer have to rush down to a games shop or buy an expensive box to play their favourite game. It is all available by a PC over the Internet, and guess what? […]

  • Video Game Developers – Part 2

    In our previous blog we took a look at 3 of the best-known video game developers and some of their top games. If you haven’t seen it yet, the please do so as you will get to find out a little more about Namco Bandai, Activision and 343 Industries. Without further ado, we will now […]

  • Video Game Developers – Part 1

    Video game quality continues to improve, with no real sign of letting up. Games are more realistic, involving, life-like than ever before, with several of the top video game developers to thank. This blog post is the 1st of a 4-part series that takes a closer look at some of these video game developers, their […]

  • Starting as a Computer Programmer

    Just because you enjoy computer gaming does not particularly mean you have the skill sets to become a good programmer. By the same token, you need not be an ace mathematician to make a good programmer. So, what are the qualities that most good programmers have? The Qualities Needed for a Good Programmer You might […]

  • The Worst Computer Games Ever!

    Computer games have evolved at a terrific pace in recent years. Many of today’s offerings feature near life-like game play on a multi-player level. However, it wasn’t always like that. Some previous games have been absolute stinkers. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what can only be described as some of […]

  • Famous Computer Programmers

    To fully understand the people who have really transformed the world into what it is today, we have to understand what a computer programmer actually does. The Wikipedia definition of a programmer is, “a person who creates computer software”. These programmers normally are split into two categories, either a specialist in one area of computer […]