Online Multiplayer Games

As far as multiplayer online games are concerned, shooting games are among the most popular. These are games where a team or one player has control over one or a number of weapons and battles against different types of adversaries.

Normally played with a mouse, online shooting games are great for testing reaction times and reflexes. These games range from three-dimensional first-person shooters to much more sophisticated side-scrolling third party shooters.

Online shooting games are easy to pick up and make a perfect platform for team-based shooting games. Here are some of the best around at the moment.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2A great multi-platform game, that is based on first-person shooter. Team Fortress 2 is pretty easy to pick up and mostly you gain as you progress with tasks. There are over 10 game modes plus many variations that keep this game fresh and playable time and again.

Adventure Quest 3D

One of the newer multiplayer games on the market, Adventure Quest 3D is great for mobile players, and is stacked full of features. The best thing about this game is that it has complete cross-platform support and there is a load of quests to complete. Plenty of crafting is involved and the tasks include raiding dungeons and bosses. Adventure Quest 3D can be played on PC or any android device.


Possibly one of the most popular online games around at the moment, it is probably one of the five best multiplayer games on the market. The player moves a forest dweller through a series of tasks, puzzles and mazes. The screen continually moves along even if you do not, forcing the player to act quickly as he progresses, if you don’t then the game is lost. Four players can play at one time and the original is still the best.

Modern Combat 5Modern Combat 5

Possibly mobile’s most popular first-person shooter game at the current time. Modern Combat 5 is stacked full of great features. There are six characters that can be customized and play in campaign mode. There are also several game modes to keep the game fresh and exciting, and it actually has an in-game chat facility. There are people all over the net that want to play Modern Combat 5 so you will never be short of opponents.


UnkilledFirst-person shooter game again, but this time it is all about zombie hunting. Based on completing different missions, Unkilled has a massive 150 missions to complete and they are even adding more. Of course, the obligatory hunt for weapons is one of the major tasks you have to complete plus taking down various bosses. To play this game online the multiplayer version is quite new but seems to work excellently. One feature of Unkilled is that you can actually create an army of zombies to attack other players bases. Everything about this game is class, from the graphics to the actual mechanics, and that it why it is so popular.


The first of our MOBA games, Vainglory is probably the best MOBA game available currently on mobile. MOBA entails the player joining forces with two others to defeat the opposing team, these types are games are now very popular in the eSports arena, and good players can earn decent prize money. The stage is a battlefield and strategy definitely play a big part at being successful. The game is also crammed with features, game modes and plenty of social interaction.


VaingloryIf you love racing games then Riptide will without doubt quench your thirst. It is one of the most played racing games online and is a heap of fun. Riptide differs from a lot of racing games in that it has a storyline, there are plenty of runners to be bought and then upgrade. For those who want to play with multiplayers, up to eight competitors can face each other in head-to-head matchups. There are split screen multiplayer modes, and when you want to compete against your friends there is even a challenge mode.


Legacy was quite a breakthrough as far as online gaming goes. It was the first game to be released that had multiplayer as standard. This mode allows the players to get involved in character customizations, death matches, and leaderboards. This game is still relatively new, so expect expansions to come in the future, as it is now it is still a great multiplayer online game. These android games have developed greatly from the first releases on the market, and the multiplayer games will just get better and more sophisticated. At first there were just puzzle based games, and leader-boards, but as our collection shows the games available today are a far call from those early games.

Online Gambling Games

One area that has seen a dramatic rise in online gameplay is that of the sites that provide the opportunity to gamble, this is perhaps a little at the expense of the traditional high-street bookmaker shop. You can play against your friends, or others over a network or just battle it out against the odd versus intelligence. When it comes to these sorts of online game, there are few things more enjoyable than seeing the hand I have been dealt for twenty-one and then acting on the cards you have. I play regularly and have no issues with playing the computer or any other online players.

Whether you are a fan of sports, shoot-em-ups, strategy, or real-time-gaming, there is no doubt that you have more options than ever before to enjoy yourself. Online fun can be picked up and put down at a time that’s convenient, all in the comfort of course of your own home environment

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