How Gaming Evolved Through the Internet

Over the past decade the face of playing video games has been transformed, and in the most because of the Internet. Players no longer have to rush down to a games shop or buy an expensive box to play their favourite game. It is all available by a PC over the Internet, and guess what? Most of it is absolutely free. Here we look at some of the main contributions that the Internet has made to video games, and how it has dramatically improved our enjoyment.

Purchases Whilst Playing

Casino type games are not just the only platforms that it is beneficial to be able to play online. There is a sharp rise in the amount of games that involve online payments for all manner of things. It may be that you want to purchase a valuable extra bit of equipment that will help you defeat your enemies. Or in role-playing games you may want to upgrade your armour for more protection. All this is mostly superficial as you do not need these things to play the game, they are enhancements. But for true gamers they are essential to compete against those who already have upgrades.


Very few of the early video games had the facility to walkthrough, you just had to muddle around trying to figure out how to play the game. But with the development of multi-level games with complex structures, it is virtually impossible to do this today. Modern games need to have this facility, surfing the net will provide a plethora of forums and sites dedicated to help you walkthrough games and understand how to play them. In these sites you can understand the different levels of a game and what are the required steps to complete it.


Let’s face it, console gaming has never been particularly cheap. Firstly, an unfortunate father had to buy the required box, then the gamer had to save up to buy the actual game to insert into the box. At an average cost of $75 this is not cheap. Playing online is a fraction of this cost, okay you do not own the actual game but who buys CD’s these days? Games are available online second hand, and many are completely free. App stores are a good example of this as they offer games at more than reasonable prices.


Last but not least, the Internet has made games more interactive, you don’t need to invite all your friends around to your house to play multiplayer games. Your friends can all stay at home by their own PC’s and you can still play against each other. Being so interactive also means that it easy to have more friends who enjoy gaming too, except this time they could be from the other side of the world. These are gamers whom you would possibly have never met if it was not for the Internet.

The Internet is forming most of the biggest developments in how people play and interact with their games. It has given access to players from every walk of life and nation, and unbelievably has made gaming cheaper.

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