Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that most of you have heard something about Artificial Intelligent or just so-called AI. Someone has read the science news while others have watched sci-fi movies about the future, smart robots who conquer the planet Earth and are going to destroy humankind. However, let’s make it clearer for those who are not yet familiar with this term, AI is the development of computers that can think as intelligent human beings and can be called the prototype of real brains.

So far, this invention is still in progress and many scientists are working and researching the ways of improvement. However, AI is already integrated into many other smart innovations, so it is used in technologies of phones, computers, cars, and even online gaming. Let’s find out, does AI has any advantages in this field?

How much AI knows about you?

There is no secret that some rooms of online gaming are integrating AI technology in the code of the website in order to track and analyse the behaviour of players in-depth. Don’t let to fool yourself, AI doesn’t work as a casual tracking system and it is not used to count your clicks or time spent on a website. AI is already able to analyse all your moves, choices and even your gaming style. This information allows gaming operators to improve their services, keep their players wanting more gaming, coming back to the website all over again and spend there more money and time.

Another significant purpose to use programmes based on AI is to spot and eliminate cheaters from the gaming rooms. AI’s data analytics and learning capabilities can be easily applied to root out the unwanted players as those programs are able to recognize even slight changes of algorithms or any aid programs that could help to finish a game automatically. So now it’s fair enough to say that cheaters run out of their luck and will face more black days because AI will find out everything.

Who is Libratus?

If you are playing not only video games but also like to try some casino games such as poker or Texas Hold’em then we have a challenge to you – win against the smartest AI based gamer-robot who is called Libratus. In 2017, the tournament Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante was organised and the highlight of this event was 4 worldwide famous professional poker players who tried to play against Libratus. After 20 days of intense playing, Libratus won against all four professionals, and at the end of this tournament the overall wining of AI-based program was 1,766,250 $ in chips.

After the tournament, all four defeated poker professionals claimed that Libratus has spotted ever each mistake of them, analysed those mistakes and used this information against other players in order to ban any possibility to make similar moves. Obviously, it is not possible to win against AI-based programs as they process more information than human brains as well as these programs don’t need to eat or rest, so they have all the needed advantages to take money from players.

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