Famous Computer Programmers

To fully understand the people who have really transformed the world into what it is today, we have to understand what a computer programmer actually does. The Wikipedia definition of a programmer is, “a person who creates computer software”. These programmers normally are split into two categories, either a specialist in one area of computer programming of a generalist, somebody who writes code for all kinds of software. We are now well and truly in the computer age, almost everything in this modern world is either controlled or influenced by the computer.

So why are the men and women who write programmes to tell computers what to do not as famous as sports stars and models. After all they have reshaped the world, and continue to do so. Perhaps because they are not considered as hip, and a looked at as being a little bit nerdy. In this blog, we hope to bring a few names to the fore, some that are familiar and others who are definitely are not.

Bill Gates

Possibly the best-known programmer of all time, his skill has made him a multi-millionaire and now he is a philanthropist, business magnate and all round good guy. Bill Gates was instrumental in the development of Windows, which is the biggest operating system in the world. He is also the co-founder of Microsoft and for a time, personally checked every bit of code that was sent out from the corporation. His business ethics are criticised in many quarters as Bill Gates hates competition, and likes the playing field all to himself.

Dennis Ritchie

Probably one of the most important programmers of all time, Dennis Ritchie has been lauded as the scientist who developed the digital era. He created the C programming language which is the world standard in most software applications today. His influence is spread over most of today’s modern computer languages, and he is credited for co-creating the UNIX operating system. Without Dennis Ritchie, it is certain that the world would not be as advanced as it is today.

Tim Berners-Lee

A blog about famous computer programmers would not be complete without mentioning the creator of the World Wide Web. Tim Berners-Lee bought the world together, and accessible for everybody. He also pioneered communication between Hypertext Transfer Protocol and a server via the Internet. Tim was knighted for his achievements and duly takes his place on the list of famous computer programmers.

Ada Lovelace

Ada must have a mention in our blog as she is credited as being the very first computer programmer. Her tireless work with Charles Babbage developing the first mechanical computer really changed the face of the world. She is also famous for creating an “Analytical Engine” which could understand the algorithm that was solely for the purpose for being processed by a machine, this was the very first computer programme. These pioneers, were instrumental of how we live our lives today. To call them simply computer programmers seems a tad trite, they are possible the most important scientists/inventors the world has ever seen.

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