eSport: Collision of Sports and Gaming

The community of sports betting and gaming enthusiasts are getting crazy about eSport. Actually, it could be understood as an escalated video gaming and there are many arguing should it be considered as a real sport or just as competition. However, the interest in this phenomenal sport is huge and the annual revenue of eSport is counted in millions. Let’s find out, what the crazy thing it is.

Basics: games, players and tournaments

If talking in terminology, the n eSport can be broadly described as a professional video game competition. The origins were found back in the wild 1990s and there is no surprise that originally eSport was founded in the motherland of many video games – South Korea. In less than 15 years, eSport became a worldwide event that attracts millions of players, fans, watchers, and bettors of course. In order to understand the scale of eSport popularity and speed of growing: it is expected to reach a global audience of 303 million people by the beginning of 2020.

In the past few years, the most popular video games of this industry are League of Legends, Defence of the Ancients 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Starcraft II. These games are played in tournaments by experienced gamers. These tournaments are held in special arenas called MOBA and the key-points for gaining scores are first-person shoots, real-time strategy and other similar factors that reveal the skills of gaming.

Tournaments are organized in the big arenas because eSport has more fans than Britney Spears could ever dream of. According to the preliminary estimations, the international audience might reach more than 131 million permanent fans and more than 125 million enthusiasts who watch the tournaments occasionally.

If you still have an opinion that the bunch of geeks playing video games does not deserve to be called sport that accepts the fact that the International Olympic Committee was signed, and it says that eSport must be considered as a sporting activity in 2017. As a result, all players of video games who are training and preparing in an intensive way are considered as real athletes in the same way as, for example, basketball players or marathon runners in the Olympic Games. Another aspect of why eSport is a real sport is doping scandals. In the Counter-Strike tournament of 2015, one team has been caught using Adderall in order to keep concentrated for many hours. After this case, random drug testing was introduced in every eSport tournament.


There is no secret that the gaming industry is valuable, so eSport is not an exception. According to the public estimations, the websites of eSports earned more than $37 million in the USA, $34 million in China, $34 million in South Korea and $4 million in the United Kingdom. The tournament prizes can reach millions as well. For example, the total prize for the Dota2 the event was $38 million and $100,000,000 for the Fornite gaming event.

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