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  • 4 Video Games that Will Cause a Storm of Emotions

    The days when video games were just sets with some obstacles and different levels, where the plot took place in the same space, are long gone. Game designers and screenwriters are constantly looking for new ways to improve their abilities to bring the whole new experience to the players. These video games will make you […]

  • Most Popular Video Games

    Undeniable, video games have grown to become a part of our everyday life. It’s a common way for people to destress and detach themselves from the world, engage in team activities and simply entertain themselves. Over time, some games have established themselves at the top of the list when it comes to the most played […]

  • eSport: Collision of Sports and Gaming

    The community of sports betting and gaming enthusiasts are getting crazy about eSport. Actually, it could be understood as an escalated video gaming and there are many arguing should it be considered as a real sport or just as competition. However, the interest in this phenomenal sport is huge and the annual revenue of eSport […]

  • Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

    There is no doubt that most of you have heard something about Artificial Intelligent or just so-called AI. Someone has read the science news while others have watched sci-fi movies about the future, smart robots who conquer the planet Earth and are going to destroy humankind. However, let’s make it clearer for those who are […]

  • Are Video Games Bad for Kids?

    Is playing video games bad for kids? Such a question is rather opened ended as it depends on so many factors. But as in most things in life, everything is more or less okay in moderation. There can be good and bad in nearly everything if you drill down far enough and playing video games […]

  • How to Make a Video Game

    Many people enjoy online gaming, and the making of video games is big business. Huge corporations spend lavish amounts of money in research and development to make the next big game on the market. The competition is so fierce that it is a continuous struggle to stay ahead of the pack, and it is a […]

  • The Timeline of Online Games

    Playing video and arcade games was made much easier when you could do it online, and since the invention of online gaming in 1969 the industry has never looked back. A vast plethora of games are now available on the internet, and not only do they have spectacular graphics and speed, they are also available […]

  • The Video Game Crash of 1983 – Part 2

    Following part one of our blog to find the truth behind the Video Game Crash of 1983, we uncovered that the whole blame cannot be leveled at Atari and their disastrous E.T game. Although there were massive mistakes of releasing the game for the Christmas market before it had properly been tested, the writing was […]

  • The Video Game Crash of 1983 – Part 1

    The bizarre video games crash back in 1983 came to some as a major shock, there were rumors flying around of unsold copies of favorite video games being dumped in the desert. As with most major news stories, there is a great deal of fact documented and also a great deal of fiction. Was it […]

  • Online Gaming and Kids

    Online gaming is, first and foremost, fun. It can be a highly sociable way for your kids to spend their leisure time, it also helps to develop their teamwork skills and encourages interaction. Most of online gaming is positive and beneficial to your children. However, as with any foray into cyberspace, there are a few […]

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