• The Video Game Crash of 1983 – Part 2

    Following part one of our blog to find the truth behind the Video Game Crash of 1983, we uncovered that the whole blame cannot be leveled at Atari and their disastrous E.T game. Although there were massive mistakes of releasing the game for the Christmas market before it had properly been tested, the writing was […]

  • The Video Game Crash of 1983 – Part 1

    The bizarre video games crash back in 1983 came to some as a major shock, there were rumors flying around of unsold copies of favorite video games being dumped in the desert. As with most major news stories, there is a great deal of fact documented and also a great deal of fiction. Was it […]

  • Online Gaming and Kids

    Online gaming is, first and foremost, fun. It can be a highly sociable way for your kids to spend their leisure time, it also helps to develop their teamwork skills and encourages interaction. Most of online gaming is positive and beneficial to your children. However, as with any foray into cyberspace, there are a few […]

  • Twitch Continues Growth with Over 355 Billion Minutes Watches in 2017

    Twitch is one of the leading live-streaming platforms in the world. The Amazon-owned site recently released its list of insights for the year, presented in real Twitch style in the form of a digital comic. The statistics show that 2017 was a winner for the site, which saw growth in the number of minutes watched, […]

  • The Best Educational Online Games

    Online games can be a terrific boon for education, and there are many faculties and teachers that are taking advantage of what is currently available on the internet to help their teaching methods. Being available 24 hours a day and with access for students from all over the world, online games can aid education like […]

  • Positive Effects of Online Gaming

    There has been much debate of the effects of online gaming to the player, much of this has been negative. There is no doubt as technology has taken pace in the field of computer gaming, playing online games is getting increasingly popular. And with the popularity of the games so widespread, many fads have also […]

  • Video Game Developers – Part 4

    Welcome to the 4th and final installment of our series that looks at the best video game developers, their stories and their most-loved games. Reader so far will see that we have taken a closer look at Activision, Electronic Arts, Guerrilla Games amongst others. These video game producers make the best games on the planet […]

  • Going Back in Time with Online Gaming

    1983 was a milestone of the video game, the Atari Shock hit the gaming industry. This was the largest recession that the video gaming industry had seen since its inception, and it lasted for two years. The revenues were at an all-time high in 1983 around $3.2 billion, then by 1985 this had fell to […]

  • Video Game Developers – Part 3

    In our earlier parts we covered some of the major names in video game production. Of course, there are literally hundreds of games software developers, so our list will continue. Read part 3 of 4 to find out more about some of the biggest and best software houses, their stories and of course their top […]

  • Online Multiplayer Games

    As far as multiplayer online games are concerned, shooting games are among the most popular. These are games where a team or one player has control over one or a number of weapons and battles against different types of adversaries. Normally played with a mouse, online shooting games are great for testing reaction times and […]